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Butte County’s Department of Public Health recently reported that cases of syphilis have doubled in the surrounding area since 2015.

This is not the first time a sexually transmitted disease has spread around the county but doubled numbers are a significant jump.

One theory for the increase in STI’s is hook-up apps such as Tinder.

Although Tinder may be partial to blame, the ultimate responsibility falls on those who contract the diseases because there are proven methods of prevention that are clearly being ignored.

For example, the student health center provides free condoms and STI checkups.

But one thing the health center and university don’t do is warn students.

Students receive emails from the university on a variety of topics, like student announcements, deaths and increased crime rates. Unfortunately, Chico State doesn’t inform students when STI’s are on the rise. It would be extremely beneficial for students to receive a warning and it would almost certainly increase caution.

Students could benefit from taking an STI course. Something similar to the required alcohol education course. First-years would have to complete an STI education course by a certain date. The course would explain the resources available on campus and how to practice safe sex in a college environment.

We have a few tips/reminders on how to practice safe sex during college:

1. Ask if the person has been checked for an STI recently. Although this may not sound appealing, one editor claims, “safe sex is sexy sex.”

2. The health center offers free condoms. Take advantage of one of the few free offerings you will ever receive from the college system.

3. One editor’s tip is simply to refrain from sex. Claiming, “this is why I don’t have sex.”

4. In addition to asking said person if they have been checked, “get ur shiz tested,” was recommended by another editor.

The easiest way to prevent an STI is to simply use a condom. College is the most important time to implement this practice, as it is typically the most promiscuous time of one’s life.

Ultimately there is only so much the school and student health center can do to prevent and inform about STI’s. The responsibility lies with the students.

So from the Orion’s editorial board to the students of Chico State: Check-up, strap-up, then get-down.

The Orion editorial is a collaborative effort of the entire editorial board.

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