Fall 2016: What to make of it

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Most people will tell you that 2016 was the worst year ever. Fall 2016 at Chico State also had its ups and downs. We could drone on about all the things that happened in the world during this semester, but we wanted to focus on some things that were uniquely Chico State that occurred:

Library hours: The cut in library hours started ugly, but ultimately showed how Chico State students can band together to fight for whats right. In the end, the library hours were extended similarly to what they previously were.

Campus shooter: Major flaws in Chico State’s security and emergency system were exposed when an armed man was reported to be walking towards campus. Hopefully next time campus will be more prepared to avoid another scenario like this one.

Greek Article: We had to take a moment to discuss the Orion’s most high profile moment of the semester; the infamous greek article. The article showed the kind of influence one opinion can have and how comment sections and twitter can get nasty.

Campus activism: In general, campus activism was high this semester. From Black Lives Matter vigils to peaceful anti-Trump rallies, Standing Rock protests and even rallies against an anti LGBTQ protestor. These showed that Chico State students care about causes and are willing to make their voices heard.

New president: Gayle Hutchinson took over as Chico State president this semester and we think most people look favorably upon her. This is a change from Zingg and likely has many positive impacts around campus.

Don’t say campaign: Chico State Athletics launched a campaign against un-politically correct phrases and words that garnered a lot of media attention. The campaign was met with mixed results from students and others alike.

Tuition hike: Another tuition raise was proposed so students took to campus to again peacefully protest. It hasn’t been announced officially if it will go through so students will have to wait to hear a verdict.

Halloween: Halloween injury and crime rates were lower than usual this year while student safety was at a high.

Though it sometimes seemed divided, when it came to the big issues students banded together to fight for what’s right.

Even through all the negativity towards the end of 2016, Chico State actually had a pretty good semester.





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