Woman urinates in elevator

University Police Department:

Call Type: Transient Call

Wednesday 3:53pm, Taylor Hall

A woman was found urinating in the elevator, exited on the 2nd floor.

Call Type: Drunk in Public

Wednesday 7:36pm, Meriam Library

A man was sleeping in the library. When he was woken up, he was semi-coherent. An arrest was made.

Call Type: Welfare Check

Wednesday 10:52pm, Whitney Hall

A woman fainted on the first floor of Whitney Hall. She was awake when police arrived.

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Accident

Wednesday 6:55pm, Panda Express

A man drove into a tree between Johnson Shoes and Panda Express parking lot. No other cars were involved, and there were no injuries.

Call Type: Family Dispute

Wednesday 3:43pm, Joshua Tree Apartments

A man was standing in the middle of East Lassen throwing rocks. The man was upset for getting in trouble for being mean to his sister. The man was not diagnosed with any mental health conditions.

Call Type: Possible Drug Activity

Wednesday 1:42pm, City Plaza

A man had a crack pipe near the men’s bathroom. It was reported earlier that he was smoking marijuana. Officer reported the situation was under control.

Call Type: Juvenile Problem

Wednesday, 4:48pm, Passages Group Home

A woman threatened to stab a man with a fork if he came back into the house. The man fled the scene.

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