Burger King manager caught for embezzlement


Photo Credit: Miles Huffman

Carly Campbell

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Embezzlement

Friday 9:28 a.m., East Avenue

Manager has been stealing money from his work at Burger King on East Avenue. Approximately $1,289 was taken from the company.

Call Type: Vehicle Burglary

Friday 11:30 a.m., Dias Drive

Dewalt finish nailer was stolen from a vehicle after being broken into on the driver’s side window.

Call Type: Missing Juvenile

Saturday 9:26 a.m., Keith Hopkins Place

10 year old daughter ran away from home and has been acting out ever since her two year old brother was born.

Call Type: Annoying phone calls

Saturday 6:11 p.m, Filbert Avenue

Man was receiving excess phone calls from a woman he met on a dating app, repeatedly demanding money because of the nude photos she sent him. The subject was claiming to be the woman’s father.

Call Type: Domestic Dispute

Sunday 12:29 p.m., East 20 Street

Male smashed females face into her dashboard when she tried to get out of the vehicle.

Call Type: Family Dispute

Sunday 6:24 p.m., East Avenue

Three subjects were trying to break in an apartment with the resident’s daughter who was not welcome there.

Call Type: Annoying phone calls

Monday 10:45 a.m., Lynn Lane

A man’s ex is calling to harass him over civil issues and sent him a text saying “be ready at 11 because its going down”.

Call Type: Domestic Dispute

Monday 11:52 a.m., East Avenue

Male tries to get his wife into a camper by attempting to tie her to a tree. Woman was screaming for help and arrests were made.

Call Type: City Property Damage

Tuesday 12:24 p.m., East 8 Street

Man rode bike into uncovered manhole and landed on his head. Declines medical help from officer.

Call Type: Threats

Tuesday 3:32 p.m., E 10 Street

Woman received threatening text messages to killing her, her son and their cats.

University Police Department

Call Type: DUI

Friday 2:27 a.m., West 2nd Street

A man was issued a DUI on Second and Hazel Streets. Arrest of the subject was made.

Call Type: Medical Aid

Friday 11:44 a.m., Holt Hall

A women was requesting medical attention because she was having a panic attack.

Call Type: Assault

Saturday 1:17 a.m., Laxson Auditorium

ER nurse stated that patient is being treated for assault. The victim states it happened on campus near Laxson Auditorium.

Type: DUI

Saturday 2:27 a.m., West Second Street

Officer found activity going on at Second Street and Normal Avenue and arrested subject for driving under the influence.

Call Type: Disabled Abandoned Vehicle

Sunday 10:05 p.m., West Sacramento Avenue

Vehicle found not in use and blocking roadway on West Sacramento Avenue.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Sunday 10:35 p.m., Mechoopda Hall

Man was found checking bikes and acting suspiciously.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject

Monday 7:58 p.m., Taylor Hall

Man found sleeping on Normal Avenue on the side of Taylor Hall.

Call Type: Medical Aid

Monday 10:16 p.m., Whitney Hall

Subject found wrapped in a blanket locked in a stall on the fifth floor of Whitney Hall dormitory. They were unable to respond to verbal commands.

Call Type: Disturbance

Tuesday 2:39 p.m., Third Street

Subject was refusing to leave the barber shop on Third Street and Normal Avenue. Arrest was made because of their $5000 DUI arrest charge.

Call Type: Disturbance

Tuesday 7:58 p.m., West Fifth Street

Activity found at Riley’s Bar on Fifth and Ivy Streets.

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