Big things ahead for track and field

With our women’s cross-country team making it on the podium for the first time ever and the men’s team ranking fourth in the nation, it is safe to say that the teams have out shined all previous expectations.

The Chico State men’s cross-country team had previously won every race it had entered that season, making it the first team in 15 years to make it to NCAA championships undefeated and earned a fourth place title at the championships, just 13 points behind the third place winner.

The women’s team had nothing short of an amazing year, claiming their ninth consecutive CCAA title, and making it onto the podium at the NCAA championships for the first time in the team’s history.

After successful seasons for both teams, the stakes are high when it comes to the track and field season.

The men’s track team has recruited six new members who the coach believes will help the team’s chances at ranking this year at the CCAA championships at the end of season.

The new team members are expected to contribute to the team both on the track and academically. The coaches made an effort to make sure that their new additions would not only help the team become stronger, but also heighten the team’s overall academic standing.

For the women’s team, an exciting season is ahead. The team has reached the catbird seat at the NCAA championships for the last three years in a row. With recruiting help from coach Robert Nooney, the team has more than enough resources to stay among the nation’s best for years to come.

Nooney recruited 12 new members for the team’s 2017 roster, hoping that these new recruits will better their chances at a CCAA banner this season. The team’s new veterans, as well as their new members, are all striving to secure the team’s goal for this season, as well as establish a good foundation for years to come.

Two former runners got the opportunity to run for the gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics this last summer. Kym Crosby ran mid-September in the Paralympics for the 100-meter and 200-meter dash.

Alia Gray was given a second chance to qualify for the Olympics as well, running the 10,000-meter.

The ’Cat’s season opened Saturday with big shoes for both teams to fill.

With the right team mentality and perseverance there is no doubt that both teams are going to qualify for the championships and more.

Visit the team’s page on the Chico State Athletics website to track the team’s progress this season!

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