Be prepared for rainy days

Tara Miller

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Tara Miller

Tara Miller

As the rainy season starts to roll into Chico, it’s time to start pulling out those dusty rainboots, rain jacket, and that umbrella. Being prepared for this weather is a definite must, especially on those busy school days.

Checking the weather for any potential rainy days will always help, especially when it comes to making sure you are advised ahead of time. That way you don’t wake up surprised to see some dark, threatening clouds in the sky and large puddles on the ground.

Also, being aware ahead of time for any potential rainy days allows you the chance to get the necessities out ahead of time. Getting those necessary things out before it rains will spare you a few minutes the morning that it’s supposed to rain. That way you aren’t rushing to get everything out before you leave.

Being prepared in advance and knowing when it will potentially rain will save you from getting soaking wet and potentially sick. It’ll also save you from ruining any shoes or clothing that you may not have wanted to get ruined.

So be prepared! It will save you from a day of wet clothes and potential sickness. .

Tara Miller can be reached at [email protected] or @chicojournalist on Twitter.

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