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Chico Theater Company gets a little “Odd”

Adrianna Mccain

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Some of us have bad roommates. Some of us are bad roommates. And some of us are just impossible to live with. Chico Theater Company’s newest production, “The Odd Couple,” captures the all too familiar experience and turns it into a witty, poignant comedy.

“The Odd Couple” focuses on Oscar, an easygoing slob, and Felix, a neurotic clean freak. Their friendship is put to the test when they have no choice but to move in together after both of their marriages end. The Neil Simon play debuted on Broadway in 1965 and has seen many reiterations since, including a 1968 movie, a popular 1970s TV show and the 2015 series reboot.

Felix, Oscar_web2.jpg

Felix (Joshua Amaral) and Oscar (Daniel Morin) discuss the living arrangements. (Photo courtesy of Chico Theater Company)

Chico Theater Company’s production opened March 3. The cast and crew have been working on this show since December, and their hard work has paid off.

Simon’s meticulously witty lines are spoken with sharp and fast-paced delivery. The poker game scenes that take place in Oscar’s apartment have some of the best exchanges, such as admonishing one of the players for taking a half-priced vacation to Florida in July. The physical comedy is also quite excellent, especially in scenes with the two leads trying to chase each other around the apartment.

Oscar, Felix_web.jpg

Oscar (Daniel Morin) tries to calm down Felix (Joshua Amaral). (Photo courtesy of Chico Theater Company)

The most enjoyable aspect of the show is the chemistry between the entire cast. Knowing the people onstage are enjoying performing with one another helps the audience enjoy much more.

“This is really fun because it’s a small cast. We’ve had a lot more time to hang out and joke and get to know each other,” Christi Harrington, who plays Gwendolyn Pigeon, said.

Cecily, Gwendolyn_web.jpg

Sisters Cecily and Gwendolyn Pigeon (Sandy Huseth and Christi Harrington) have a giggle on the couch. (Photo courtesy of Chico Theater Company)

“The Odd Couple” is not only a fun show to watch, it’s also incredibly relatable. Many of us have friends who we grow increasingly frustrated with, so even those who are not well-versed in plays can enjoy it.

“It’s a great introduction to theater. If you’re unfamiliar with live theater, or if you haven’t really given it a chance, it’s a really good play to start off with,” Joshua Amaral, who plays Felix, said.

The show runs until March 23 and tickets can be found at the Chico Theater Company’s website so don’t miss out.

For more information including showtimes and ticket prices, visit CTC’s website here.

Adrianna McCain can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.

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Chico Theater Company gets a little “Odd”