Wildcat of the Week- Haley Gilham


Photo credit: Franky Renteria

Natalia Marcus

Haley Gilham is a junior pitcher taking the Chico State Softball team by storm. While she has been on the team for three-year, Gilham has been playing softball since she was 4 years old. In the pitcher’s circle, Gilham has wrapped up her fourth win against Cal State East Bay Feb. 24 earning her spot as one of the team’s most valuable pitchers, and raising her season record to 5-0.

Photo credit: Franky Renteria

How has softball shaped the person you’ve become?
“It’s taught me teamwork, dedication, discipline, how to be confident with myself, have the motivation to be the best I can be, drive to compete, have the courage to take on new challenges and much more. Honestly, without softball I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

What do you feel had been your biggest accomplishment so far?
“Honestly being given the chance to play in college is probably my biggest accomplishment. Just because there are so many girls out there that don’t even get the chance to play in college.”

Photo credit: Franky Renteria


What are your goals for the rest of the season?
“So far this season has been really good. We’ve won eight out of the nine games and we can only go up from where we are now. And as long as we keep looking forward, I believe we will be successful and go far this season. Some team goals we have is resiliency and consistency. Also, we have a goal to play each game one pitch at a time. This is to help us to be present and focused.”

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