5 things to do before graduation


Photo credit: Makena Twohig

Jackson Sawa

Scotty's Landingjpg.
Scotty’s Landing on the Bank of the Sacramento River Photo credit: Jackson Sawa

Scotty’s Landing

After either a nice day of floating or hanging out on the beaches of the Sacramento River, make sure to stop by Scotty’s Landing for a cold beer and some food. Scotty’s has certainly seen its fair share of years, and its rugged atmosphere gives this little bungalow character. The walls are covered with old photos of some of the rivers earliest fishermen, as well as generations of past students enjoying their time on the water. However, Scotty’s main attraction is its humongous outside patio overlooking the river. It’s big enough for you and all your friends to put your feet up and watch a nice sunset over the water. But I’d recommend bringing bug spray.

The Senator Theater Photo credit: Jackson Sawa

The Senator Theater

No matter what your musical preferences are, there’s a show for you at the Senator during the school year. Those working with the Senator make an effort to stay current and manage to bring some big name artists to small town Chico. Artists range from EDM to heavy metal ensure that there’s a little something for everyone. While the Senator is no main stage festival, it gets the job done and isn’t the worst place to find yourself on a Friday night. As your time at Chico comes to an end, you may find yourself wishing you had one last show to see at the Senator.

Chico Museum.jpg
Chico Museum across from campus and The Bear Photo credit: Jackson Sawa

Chico Museum

The Chico Museum is a must-see for any student attending Chico State. It provides a full history of the town and has numerous interesting and interactive exhibits. As it sits directly across the street from campus, it seems a bit ridiculous to never make a small effort to learn about the town you live in, so make sure to go. It’s also across from Madison Bear Garden, so stop by with friends on your way to class, or just get a burger. The museum isn’t big, so it doesn’t take long to make your way through. But there’s a lot of valuable Chico history to be learned.

Entrance to Upper Park Photo credit: Jackson Sawa

Upper Bidwell Park

Upper Park is a common destination for tourists, outdoor lovers and the occasional group of students looking to expand their minds. While it is already a well-known part of Chico, not taking full advantage of it is truly a mistake. From climbing monkey face to hiking the ridge all the way to Bear Hole, the outdoor opportunities are endless. There’s even a golf course in the park for those who prefer to enjoy nature under their own conditions. Not every town has a place like Upper Park to enjoy, so make the best of it while it’s in your own backyard.

Trinity Hall at Chico State

Chico State

That’s right, go to class. Before graduation, it would behoove you to attend a couple of classes. You’re spending money to attend them, and if you’re lucky, you might even learn something. Although sometimes you’d rather be enjoying a beer while overlooking the river, or getting weird with your friends at the Senator, it is important to enjoy your education and everything Chico State has to offer. At some point, you may wish you were back in class, so why not enjoy it now.

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