No Wave is taking the next big step


Forming in Chico, “No Wave” is a diverse and dynamic band tearing up the music scene. The band is comprised of lead guitarist Tommy Bridges, drummer Max Engel known as “Hans,” Grayson Boyer “Dad,” playing rhythm guitar with Savannah Mayhom on bass and vocalist Fahredin Nushi.

No Wave describes their sound as “introspective party music” with a little bit of everything. Coming from vastly different musical backgrounds, they have come together to create a fusion of sounds that has no loyalty to any particular style of music.

No Wave 1078 2_web.jpg

“It’s actually kind of crazy how we’ve managed to pull together our different styles and create this thing. For example, I like to play groovy and experimental guitar like Hendrix and Mac DeMarco, while our other guitarist Gray likes to play raw and edgy. But hey, it works,” Bridges said.

No Wave attributes their wide musical range to their overall respect and appreciation for all genres. “We listen to all kinds of music, jazz, hip-hop and punk. You name it. We pull our inspiration from everything. As much as we like Black Flag, we like Bobby Womack,” Boyer said.

Although the band seems all over the place, Bridges notes that their music is still organized.

“Gray and Fahredin write a lot of our songs which uphold a structure of verses, choruses, bridges and so on. However, many of our songs are constantly changing to keep the audience on their toes,” Bridges said.

Regarding their name No Wave, Max Engel describes it as a tribute to the No Wave New York City art movement in the late ‘70s, a reaction to the music industry which some considered becoming uninspired, cliche and bland.

“I guess that was our goal when we started this, to show that you can still have intellectual pop music in a time where people are satisfied with simple music and an even simpler society,” Engel said. “Also, shout-out to my mom.”

No Wave has been known to play at the 1078 Gallery, The Maltese in Redding and anywhere down to throw a great house party.

No Wave 1078_web.jpg

“If you want to hear us play sometime, roam the streets of Chico until you hear the hardest band playing. It’s probably us,” Engel said.

This summer, No Wave is excited to take their next big step and hit the road on their first tour. They’re anticipating to play throughout California and then up into Oregon. “Going into these shows, we hope people are as open-minded to all forms of music as us,” Bridges said.

With plans of a tour in motion and an upcoming EP, No Wave is making a statement in both the Chico music scene and its surrounding areas.

For a chance to see them in action, keep an eye out on their Facebook page for upcoming shows, or take Max Engels’ advice and follow the music to stumble upon one of their trademark house parties.

The band also wants to make a point to remind everyone, “in the words of Claude Charbrol, ‘there are no waves, only oceans.’”

Jackson Sawa can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.