Tuition increase screws students’ bank accounts

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Students in the upcoming semesters can expect to pay an additional $270 for tuition, but should brace for more.

The CSU Board of Trustees vote to increase tuition by 5 percent for all 23 campuses failed to include the freeze provision that would prevent the CSU from raising tuition again in coming years.

The $167.7 million shortfall that the CSU budget is in desperate need of won’t be covered by the increase in tuition. Only $77.5 million of the budget will be generated through putting a heavier burden on the students.

Furthermore, the tuition increase will not be used to address deteriorating infrastructure on campus.

As the second oldest CSU campus, Chico State should have priority on fixing some of the buildings that seem to be falling apart. the campus is hiring more academic advisers and part-time faculty that will supposedly raise the graduation rate from 26 percent to 40 percent.

The CSU should stop treating students as their get out of jail free card. The continued increases are being used for “student success initiatives,” whatever that means. How is raising tuition to fund these vaguely defined programs really in the interest of students?

Over the last eight years especially, the State Legislature and the Chancellor have repeatedly forced students to foot the bill for their poor money management.

The unsustainable model that they have been using cannot continue to succeed without full funding from the State.

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