KCSC Radio office temporarily shut down


This image was taken on Wednesday showing the office’s current conditions. Photo credit: Jacqueline Morales

Jacqueline Morales

A pipe burst in the KCSC Radio office causing temporary shut down.

The pipe was located in the office closet that connects to the drain water from Common Grounds.

It had been leaking for an estimated two weeks, releasing an uncomfortable odor within the office, according to General Manager at KCSC Radio Sam Pickup.

General Manager of KCSC
Sam Pickup talks about the pipe damage caused in the KCSC Radio office. Photo credit: George Johnston

“We didn’t really lose anything, maybe a couple of sweaters got damaged. The frustrating part about is that the KCSC station is home to a lot of people who work there, like a lot of the interns. So we have a group of people who have been pretty much displaced from their home right now,” said Pickup.

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