“You’re Welcome” brings rock vibes to May


Not much has been said about Wavves since their last album “V” back in 2015. Now, the San Diego rock group is back at it again with their stoner rock vibes and don’t-give-a-f*** attitude in their upcoming album “You’re Welcome.” The album is scheduled for release May 19, and they were kind enough to share four new songs with us.

Two of these songs, “Daisy” and “You’re Welcome,” provide a sense of what is to be expected from the rest of the album. Both songs follow the classic Wavves formula of fuzz rock supported by Nathan Williams’ scream-a-long vocals, a combination guaranteed to inspire anybody to crush a few beers and bask in the sun.

“Daisy” is the opening track of the album, and definitely deserving of higher volume when listening. With no build up, the song starts off strong and demands attention. Yet, it is still upbeat featuring fast, hard-hitting drums, rhythmic power chords, and high-pitched finger bravado on the guitar. Although there are only two verses in the song, the most memorable lyrics in the pre-chorus “I need to hold her. I need to touch her” show that singer Nathan Williams isn’t as perpetually stoned and careless as we think.

The track “You’re Welcome” has a slightly different structure compared to “Daisy” in the sense that it’s all over the place. The song has all of the typical surf rock elements, yet breaks at points to give the listener a chance to fully appreciate the lyrics commonly undermined by the bands heavily distorted bass and drums. Considering that this song is the title of the album, it can be assumed that this track is the essence of the record and provides a mere glimpse into their full LP.

We’re in for another heavy dose of Wavves this coming May, just in time for summer. It’s time to take out those old Ben Howard disks you’ve been listening to all winter and make room for “You’re Welcome” in your summer playlist.

Jackson Sawa can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.