Debunking GSEC myths

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Debunking GSEC myths

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Roberto Fonseca

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The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center or GSEC, is one of the more vocal organizations at Chico State. Although the organization has typically succeeded in addressing societal issues, there’s still problems with them.

GSEC hosts events to bring awareness towards societal issues and protests against the evangelical preachers who come to Chico State. These are great examples of being advocates on the students behalf, and successfully utilizing their voice.

However, there are three significant problems with the organization. Those are the existence of a rape culture, gender identity and systematic racism, which GSEC and it’s members are not doing justice to.

GSEC hosts the “Take back the night” event once a year in order to show solidarity with rape victims and for survivors to bring light to issue of “rape culture” on college campuses.

The only problem is that rape culture on college campuses doesn’t exist.

One in five women are to be raped by the time they graduate college. This is the statistic from a 2007 Campus Sexual Assault Survey used by many to justify the claim of a “rape culture” on college campuses. This statistic, however, is massively flawed.

The study is not representative of the United States. The survey was anonymous and no one’s claims were verified and terms to describe sexual assault were very vague.

Around 5,000 women participated in the survey and about 1,000 reported being “raped.” This was determined by the authors of the survey, not the participants. Thus, the one in five number was born.Furthermore, there was only a 42 percent response rate to the survey.

The authors of the survey have since come out and said that it is inappropriate to cite these statistics to make such claims. according to a 2014 Time article written by the researchers.

The real number is that one in 53 women are to be raped at college campuses and that women are actually safer on college campuses, according to a study done by U.S. Department of Justice.

Along with the perpetuation of false statistics, GSEC members also like to claim that there are more than two genders. Despite what Bill Nye says, this is another myth.

Gender and sex are synonymous, despite what GSEC members might say. There are no scientific journals to prove that there are more than two genders.

The New Atlantic Journal did a study on the issue of gender identity, and found no supporting evidence that there was more than two genders. What people choose to identify as is different, but is not correlated with gender.

Along with the misconception of gender identity, GSEC has also been misinformed about systemic racism. This is another myth put out by GSEC members that is widely accepted.

The alleged systems that are put in place to prevent people of color from succeeding must not be doing a good job if Asians and Nigerian-Americans are making more money on average than White-Americans. according to 2015 article by Noah Smith in Bloomberg.

The National Center for Policy Analysis laid out four reasons on how not to be disadvantaged in the United States.

  1. Staying in school. This is an area where Latinos and African-Americans are lacking. Staying in school allows people to develop a specialized skill set that improves their chance of getting a job.
  2. Getting a job. Another area where Latino and African Americans are falling behind by choosing to believe in racism instead of hard work.
  3. Getting married. This can help by having people supporting one another and avoiding children being born prematurely.
  4. Don’t have children out of wedlock. Latinos and African-Americans fall behind in this category.

Latino and African-American communities have to fix it themselves. White-America isn’t going to fix the problems in those communities, and screaming racism isn’t going to help.

Despite the buzzwords and excuses people like to rely on now, this is the reality of the United States. By spreading false information to other members of the community, GSEC is causing harm to people instead of helping.

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @rjfonseca13 on Twitter.


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