Guardians of the Galaxy is out of this world

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Guardians of the Galaxy is out of this world

Abigail Jones

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Marvel has done it again with another amazing movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 was a fantastic mix of; sarcasm, comedy, sad times, a decent music selection and a mini “Groot” thrown into the mix to make a perfect sequel.

When the opening credits came in, I was afraid the movie would end up focusing more on baby Groot, because for the whole portion of the beginning credits was him dancing to the “Awesome Mix Vol.2” as the other characters fought in the background.

I am assuming this scene was to show tribute to the beginning of the first movie, but it had me thinking Groot would be serving as more of a mascot, causing his presence to overpower the movie.

However I was gladly mistaken, for the movie had a wonderful composition. The use of color alone is, pardon my pun, “out of this world” it puts you in awe and keeps you in tune with the inhuman aspect of the story line.

Even the sub-story lines involving the other characters, like Gamora’s relationship with her sister (Nebula) worked really well intermingling in the main plot. It didn’t leave a lot of room for gaps in the story which allowed the movie to flow into a great spectacle.

I give my applause to the director and all of the cast members because this is a movie worth seeing. Also do not forget to stay till the very end of the credits because the movie has some great extras that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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