Splashh from the past

Splashh from the past

Back in 2013, Anglo-Australian band, Splashh came onto the indie rock scene with their first studio album Comfort. From the title of the album, one might assume the album would fit nicely into their Spotify study playlist right alongside Tycho, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Listening to the opening track “Headspins,” it is possible to assume that the title of the album may be intended to be ironic. The opening song is filled with heavy bass, long; piercing vocal and guitar distortions that are more likely to jolt you awake than lull you to sleep. Yet, as the album plays on, to an avid indie rock listener Comfort could be understood as a relatively soothing album.

Although at times the album is an organized chaos of drums, synths, guitars and at times screeching vocals, songs such as “Feels Like You,” and “Strange Fruit” have undoubtedly catchy harmonies and choruses that can be appreciated by anyone. Throughout the record, the band effortlessly dances around from tracks that clearly have more of a punk influence such as “So Young” to relatively calmer songs like the ending song “Lost Your Cool,” showing a true knowledge of their craft.

Although Comfort is a relatively older album that has been mostly buried by the recent upsurge and craze of indie rock music, it’s definitely worth a listen. It’s a perfect happy medium in the genre of indie rock and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new album to jam out to.

4/5 stars

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