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Chief Feeney Leaves University After Two Years

Hannah Yeager

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As of Aug. 2, Chico State Police Chief John Feeney left the force after serving for two years at the university, according to a campus-wide email sent by Robbi D. Stivers, the Vice President for Business and Finance.

Feeney became the university police chief on July 1, 2015, after working for the San Francisco police department, according to the email. He served for two years at Chico State before abruptly ending his position on campus.

Feeney would not comment on his reasons for leaving the department and the University Police Department would not give any comment on the subject.

Lieutenant Corinne Beck recently accepted the role of acting interim police chief until a long-term replacement can be found.

During the two years Feeney served with the university, he introduced outreach events such as Cookies with Cops, where officers would meet with students in the dormitories and talk about what they hoped to accomplish and how the students can stay safe on campus and took steps in making Chico safer for those living within a one-mile radius of campus.

“It’s important to me that we gain and establish that trust between the staff and the students, and the police department here,” Feeney said in a previous interview with The Orion.

Also, during Feeney’s time as the police chief of the department, an agreement was made between the city and university called the “Joint Public Safety Agreement.” This agreement calls for collaboration between the city and University Police to keep off-campus students safe according to a press release from January 2016. This allowed Chico State to respond to off-campus issues.

The agreement was what Feeney had wanted at the beginning of his time at Chico State as stated in a “Chat with the Chief” interview with the University.

There is currently a national search for a new police chief underway, according to the email.

Hannah Yeager can be reached at @Hannah_K_Yeager on Twitter.

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One Response to “Chief Feeney Leaves University After Two Years”

  1. Dwayne Smythe on April 14th, 2018 8:27 pm

    I may know why police chief John Feeny was fired . The last thing John told me was that he would open a formal investigation on the strangulation of my 1st born son Thord Fiester. The foster parents real child a, girl of 5 or 6 years old, He told me that his informal investigators had determined that my claim was true. And that the judge, Bigalow of Shasta county, know about the multiple times that my son was abused by the foster parents. There was a hospitalization of my one year old do to the little girls stagulating him until he was blue and unconscious. The foster mother drove him there in her van because she thought he was dead. She told the doctors it was a seizure. Months latter when I had the stop the little girls stagulating multiple time. I asked the foster parents for help with this problem. At the time I was unaware of the hospital trip months prior. I asked my attorney for help,and he said that if I mentioned the abuse in court , He would quit representing me in family court. I said that I would talk to the judge asap, so he quit.when I got to court judge Bigalow told me that ( if you say one word during the hearing that I would be removed from the room). Next the foster parent testified over the phone from Washington, any felony committed in California can’t be prosecuted in Washington, that’s why they were sent there. The foster parents got full custody and all my parental rights were terminated. One month later the foster parents filled for divorce. I asked John Feeney to look into this matter for me . He did an investigation of my claim was trying to open a formal investigation and that’s when I lost all contact with him… I was calling his personal cell phone and texting him on the Chico State police web site and none of my attempts to contact him were answered. He just disappeared. I asked the Chico State police to have him call me . They said no. I think that my situation my have something to do with John Feeney’s being fired. If you could help me find him ,I would like to ask him myself what happened. There in a lot more to this story than I am putting here. If it interests you. You can call or text me at 707 616 8889 or 707 273 0881. Would you please let me know that you got this message.


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Chief Feeney Leaves University After Two Years