Campus and community gather to watch the historical solar eclipse


NASA Flight Engineer Randy Bresnik took still images of the eclipse as seen from the unique vantage of the Expedition 52 crew.

Natalie Hanson

On Monday students and the Chico community gathered to view the solar eclipse.

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The event began at 9:30 a.m. by the Glenn Hall Lawn and continued to the peak of the eclipse at 10:17 a.m. Peak coverage of the sun in Chico reached 84%.

Several activities were offered during the event, including a meditation circle, drawing boards, and a SunSpotter viewer. Free viewing glasses were also an event amenity.
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According to event volunteer, Margie Mitchell, an estimate of 400 counterfeit glasses had to be sent back prior to the event. Mitchell said, “We have 250 or so glasses that are legitimate.”

Sharing glasses, including welding lenses, became encouraged.
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Elaina McReynolds, volunteer for the event, said, “Debra Barker, my dean, decided let’s make an event out of it…We were really trying to make it a multi-experience event.”
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