There’s nothing “EZ” about this case

Marco Day

The Dallas Cowboys will have a rough start this season after Ohio State alumni and running back Ezekiel Elliott faces a six game suspension. Elliot is a football prodigy, rushing the NFL’s league-best 1,631 yards and is the first rookie to get a rushing title since 1999. The six game suspension Elliot is confronting is the minimal punishment for violating the league’s personal conduct act. This standard was established after the Ray Rice case. The league issued Rice a two-game suspension that was later changed to an indefinite ban after Rice knocked his ex-fiancee out on an elevator. The Dallas Cowboy running back has been accused of domestic violence from his ex, Tiffany Thompson who filed a police report against Elliot in 2016. Thompson alleges that he assaulted her on five different occasions during their relationship.


On July 22, 2017, Thompson posted photos on Instagram of bruises on her arms and neck. Thompson wrote,

“Just for every woman out there getting abused it’s time to put a stop to it. This has been happening to me for months and it finally got out of control to where I was picked up and thrown across the room by my arms.Thrown into walls. Being choked to where I have to gasp for breath. Bruised everywhere, mentally and physically abused. It’s not okay. So I want each and every one of you girls to step away now from domestic violence. You’re worth so much more. I got told it was called “tough love” I’m sorry if you love someone you don’t touch your loved ones.”


A common trend that is associated with domestic violence victims is Stockholm Syndrome. The victim gains trust and affection towards their abuser. In the Elliot case, Thompson has yet to file charges against Elliot, and the case is still active. Domestic violence victims will remain in a relationship or will not press charges the abuser for many reasons. Victims are usually dependent on the abuser and will feel as if their soul and spirit is connected to the relationship.

“Domestic violence does not always end when the victim escapes the abuser, tries to terminate the relationship, and/or seeks help. It intensifies because the abuser feels a loss of control over the victim,” According to the NCADV,


Ezekiel Elliott re-established the Dallas Cowboys to a team that can run the ball and wears down their opposition. Ironically, the cleats Elliot wore to his scouting combine were dedicated to domestic violence. He wrote on Instagram,

“Today I will be wearing these customized cleats during the combine to help raise awareness for victims of domestic violence. Both pairs will be auctioned off for charity and the proceeds will go to charities in Columbus, Ohio and St. Louis, MO that support and help victims of domestic violence. Join me in the fight to help end domestic violence! Follow this hashtag to lend your support and stay informed of the charity auction. #RunEZE.”


The rumors about Elliott and his ex-girlfriend are still allegations. It’s hard to determine if Elliot has been abusing his ex, Thompson, or if she has her own motives. Domestic violence is still a serious issue and is common in the NFL. According to ESPN, his appeal hearing will begin on Aug. 29.

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