Students fund raise to help aid hurricane victims


Students raise money for hurricane victims. Photo courtesy of Chana Zwiebel

Inspired Chico State students baked and sold challah bread, to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Rohr Chabad Jewish Center of Chico student members partnered with the Thursday Night Market, to bake and sell bread at their own table stand.

The initiative was in effort to provide meals, housing and damage repair to victims of Hurricane Harvey. They sent the total of $176 to the Chabad Jewish Center of Houston.

Chana Zwiebel, co-director of the Chabad Jewish Center of Chico said, “We all see the devastation, and we all can make a difference. Even if we can’t physically be there, every drop in the bucket counts.”

For future fundraising events, Zwiebel hopes to make the impact of the devastation, in Houston, palpable to those living in Chico. She plans to continue working to inspire further action from the community for Harvey victims.

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