Students compete for rhetorical supremacy at debate

Megan Bowser

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Students filled Tehama Hall on Saturday to participate in the Rookie Tournament, an all-day speechmaking competition for students who currently are taking lower-division communication classes.

The tournament was attended by students from two courses: “Individual Public Speaking” and “Argumentation and Debate.”

The tournament has been held every semester since it began in 1992 or 1993, said Sue Peterson a communication professor.

“It started as a recruitment tool for the Speech and Debate Team and a way to provide the department with a student opportunity for the large numbers of general education students taking those classes,” Peterson said. “Some students realize they are interested in communication studies as a major or minor through doing an event like this one.”

The competition had two preliminary rounds of competition in speech, and four preliminary rounds in debate. The four events were:

Informative Speaking

Persuasive Speaking

Impromptu Speaking

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

If a student was one of the top competitors, he or she moved on to the elimination

rounds. Students used speeches that they had written earlier this semester for the tournament.

“All I needed to do was briefly review my speech once or twice before it was time to deliver it,” said Katelyn Alvarez, a freshman pre-nursing major. “Because I practice it so many times for my class, I remembered a lot about the speech.”

If students stayed for the entire event, they received extra credit.

The event ended with an awards ceremony for the winners of the competition.


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