Time management during the last weeks of school

Tara Miller

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Tara Miller

Tara Miller

During these last two weeks of school, most of us may feel crunched for time as we finish up those last big papers and projects all the while trying to make the time to study for finals.

That is why managing time during these next couple of weeks is so important, especially when there seems to be so much that needs to get done.

Whether it means writing out a daily schedule of the things that need to get done or just writing down the assignments or courses that need the most work, making sure there is some sort of schedule or paper that states what needs to get done will definitely help.

For me, writing down the amount of time I spend on each class or assignment has always helped. That way, I am able to keep track of how much time I’ve spent on something, so I’m not spending too much time on one class and less on another.

When you manage time between everything, you won’t feel crunched to finish another assignment or having to worry about not having enough time to start studying for another class. It will definitely ease the stress a bit if you take the same amount of time for everything that needs to get done.

But no matter what system works for you, managing time over the next couple of weeks will not only allow you to get everything to get done in a fairly decent amount of time, but it will also help keep the stress down.

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