Don’t let living with roommates lead to boring, quiet sex

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Nicte Hernandez

The music has been turned up in your roommate’s room, the moans get louder and louder and then the bed starts to pound against the wall.

No matter how loud the music is, nothing can drown out your roommate and the excitement they feel when their significant other comes over.

Cheap apartments with poorly insulated walls let our roommates know exactly what we’re up to. Having sex is the norm at this point in our lives but should hearing your roommate yell out how she “needs it to be faster” also be the norm?

In my opinion, yes it should be. When agreeing to move in with people, you are agreeing to live with their habits, messiness or cleanliness and, from time to time, their partners.

Sex is a normal part of our lives, but things can get a bit awkward when your roommate Chad is on his third hookup of the week and they just all happen to be moaners. In Chad’s defense, how is he supposed to hold back or ask his partner to hold back during such an intimate act?

Maybe hit the bars, a coffee shop, the gym or whatever gets you going and find you someone who is willing to challenge Chad to a moaning contest.

Having to hear all the yelling, pounding and awkward sighs of release can get to be a bit much, especially if things have been dry on your end for a few months. Even so, one should not get frustrated over this, as this is merely a natural act.

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