Refer to “The Associated Press Stylebook” and use the following guidelines when you capitalize:

Capitalize words only when you have a reason. The main reason: Capitalize the proper names of people, places and things. When plural, lowercase the common noun.
Right: Ohio and Mississippi rivers
Right: Republican Party
Wrong: Ohio and Mississippi Rivers 

Use “The Associated Press Stylebook” to double check capitals listed in the cross-reference section.

Eras Capitalize eras on all references.
Right: the Middle Ages 

Course Titles Review entries in this book for academic departments and courses.
Right: spring semester
Wrong: Public Relations 

Holidays Capitalize holidays on all references.
Right: Fourth of July 

Movies Capitalize and enclose the name of movies in quotes.
Right: “Star Wars” 

Nationalities Capitalize nationalities, but not races by color.
Right: Chinese
Wrong: White, Black 

Regions Capitalize well-known specific regions but not directions.
Right: The West
Right: Pacific Northwest
Right: Bay Area
Wrong: He went West.
Wrong: He moved to the Northside of Chico.