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Mark Plenke

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Positions and Duties

Advertising Manager
Compensation: 4% of total sales
• Recruit, interview and hire account executive and salespeople
• Coordinate sales training week twice a year
• Conduct weekly training sessions
• Set sales goals (with office manager)
• Track sales
• Encourage sales reps to perform
• Represent advertising department at newspaper management meetings
• Lay out ad portions of the newspaper
• Perform sales representative reviews
• Grade sales reps

Account Executive
Compensation: 10% of individual sales until at goal, 12% of individual sales after goal, 14% of total sales after bonus goal.
• Sell to large/high maintenance clients
• Manage national sales
• Assist with hiring
• Assist with training week
• Lay out ads for the weekly paper before 4 p.m. on Fridays

Office Manager
Compensation:10 hours per week at $10 an hour
• Keep regular office hours
• Set sales goals (with the advertising manager)
• Create and monitor an annual budget
• Pay bills by processing check requests from the Research Foundation account
• Prepare invoices for ads
• Collect payments due, fill out deposit slips, and turn in checks to the Research Foundation
• Determine which accounts are bad debts and pursue collections
• Fill out hourly time sheets
• Calculate commissions for salespeople and managers
• Manage newspaper circulation
• Coordinate on-campus distribution Wednesdays at 7 a.m.

Sales people
Compensation: 10% of individual sales until at goal, 12% of individual sales after goal, 14% of total sales after bonus goal.
• Sell newspaper, website and mobile application advertising
• Maintain client records
• Attend training

Ad Design Manager
Compensation: Set each semester by the editor-in-chief
• Help recruit new hires, attend interviews, help hire staff.
• Organize ad design staff training day
• Report to the advertising manager
• Come in on Fridays and assign ads to designers.
• Give guidance to staff and edit all ads per requirements
• Copy edit all ads
• On Mondays, make sure all final changes are be made by individual designers and PDFs sent to correct folders for placement on pages. All full ad pages should be prepared by ADM or assistant
• Help organize design critique (with business manager and all ad designers)
• Track ad designers’ office hours

Ad Designers
Duties include:
• Attend training
• Keep regular office hours; mandatory work days are Fridays and Mondays
• Fridays, designers receive ad list to be completed by Saturday night.
• Email finished ads to sales reps, design manager by Monday at 8 a.m.
• Mondays, must check in with design managers to help with ad revisions.
• Create spec ads and ad campaigns.
• Attend ad design critique.

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