Getting hit on at the bars in Chico from a woman’s perspective


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It’s Friday night, you’re ready to get drunk off of the $10 in your bag. Riley’s is the place you know you will at least be able to mingle since you will somehow be connected or know a majority of the other students there. You have been getting ready for the past two hours and are finally at your destination, all that preparation for sticky floors and cheap drinks.

But wait, who is that staring at you from across the bar? You don’t recognize him so it’s safe to say none of your friends at one point had a connection with him. He continues to gaze in your direction you blush and look away and return to trying to push yourself to the front of the bar.

Is getting hit on at the bar a form of flattery or is it just another chance for men to come off as creepy? Hitting on someone at the bar is the right environment to do so.

Personally, when my friends and I go out on the weekends, it’s to go out, get ready, socialize and hopefully meet some new interesting people. We are almost prepared and expecting to be approached and talk to people we might not know at all.

If we wanted to keep to our small friend group and just drink among ourselves we would have gone to dinner instead but no, we decided to hit up that crowded bar because we are looking to run into someone we know or meet someone new.

With that being said,there is always a wrong way of doing things. For example, catcalling is not a form of flattery or a way to hit on someone nor is coming up from behind someone on the dance floor a good way to get their number.

However, Chico State student Kelly Seck has a different opinion on getting hit on at the bar.

“Guys always approach me and the first thing they say is ‘wow you’re so different than most girls’ referring to the fact that I usually don’t wear makeup while out and then move onto complimenting my style and outfit of the night,” Seck said.

Seck said that when people approach her at the bar and the first thing they comment on is something about her physical appearance, she feels like that is all they are interested in.

“I mean yea they don’t know me and my appearance is their first impression of me but maybe starting the conversation with a different approach might be better,” Seck said.

I have to agree with Seck. Sometimes intentions are very clear but I mean I did not spend a total of two hours beforehand getting ready for no reason. Compliments are always nice after all the time and effort you put into getting ready.

There are clearly wrong and creepy ways to approach someone at the bar but overall this is probably the best environment to shoot your shot. Confidence is at an all-time high thanks to some alcoholic beverages, most are out looking to socialize and get dressed just for that. So if you go about this the right way I promise you will see positive results.

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