Wildcat Recreation Center pool will close most of the summer


The tiling around the spa has been damaged due to the motor, which provides hot water, deteriorating. Photo credit: Mathew Miranda

The WREC swimming pool will be closed 90 days this summer, from May 21 to July 20, for repairs.

WREC’s Aquatics Coordinator Dustin Stene said the main reason for renovation is due to settling, which typically occurs with newly built pools.

The settling has caused the back edge of the pool’s gutter to start collapsing, which causes uneven ground and pushes tiles up.

The 90-day project will include trenching around the pool and rebuilding the back wall of the gutter and tile around the spa. Additionally, the renovation will update the pool’s Americans With Disabilities Act access which will involve installing anchors for a chairlift.

ADA requires pools with large surface areas to possess two permanent access points. The WREC currently has one with its wheelchair access ramp.

Dustin Stene, the WREC's aquatics coordinator, believes the repairs will be beneficial for the pool and future generations of students. Photo credit: Mathew Miranda

Ultimately, Stene emphasized the importance of fixing the pool correctly now to avoid future problems.

“We could have done a minimal cheap fix, but we would be doing that every single year for the next 20 years,” he said.

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