Police Blotter — Jan. 16 – 20

University Police 

Thursday, 2:29 p.m.: Injury at Aymer J. Hamilton Building walkway. “Faculty fell while walking outside due to cement cracks today at 8:10 a.m. Department chair advised injured to complete accident/injury reporting with University Police Department and environmental health and safety. Injured declined medical attention.”

Friday, 11:49 a.m.: Suspicious subject on the east side of Mechoopda Hall. “Suspicious white male

adult, bald, no shirt, rambling, kneeling down on grass, scared the student staff, has backpack and bike, multiple tattoos. Located subject, going to make contact. Subject stated he crashed his bike on Warner Street, was just stopping to gather his thoughts, moved along.”

Friday, 1:52 p.m.: Bike theft outside of Holt Hall. “Taken approximately sometime Friday before 7 p.m. New bike not registered, no serial number. 2013 blue Trek BB21.”

Saturday, 7:19 a.m.: Vehicle tampering and vandalism at the bus parking warehouse. “Bus has a hole in the window, caused by an unknown object. Reporting party advising that (bus was in good condition) at 4:30 p.m. yesterday. Ball bearings and marbles located in the area. Appears to have been damaged with a slingshot from outside the facility.”

Sunday, 4:26 p.m.: Suspicious subject at unknown location. “Pretending to talk on (cell phone) and following reporting party closely then attempted to get in her car with her. White male adult, college age, very short blonde hair, no hat, sky blue pullover hoodie.”

Chico Police

Saturday, 10:59 a.m.: Subject drunk in public on the 200 block of Salem Street. “Drunk female on the corner by (Kirk’s Jewelry) asking passersbys for money and showing her breasts. Yelling and screaming at people. Female is now heading toward church on Salem Street. Female is cleaning her mess and will be on her way.”

Saturday, 1:25 p.m.: Residential burglary at the Timber Creek Apartments on the 1200 block of West Fifth Street. “Subject entered the apartment while reporting party was sleeping last night. Door had been left unlocked. Wallet and laptop, pink Hewlett-Packard with stickers, Macbook Air, silver debit card, driver’s license and school I.D. card taken. IPad and Macbook belonging to roommate also taken.”

Sunday, 2:40 a.m.: Fight at the Carl’s Jr. on the 2500 block of the Esplanade. “Four subjects fighting in the parking lot. Subjects in the truck were fighting with subjects in the sedan that was in the drive-through. One white male adult with the sedan had a red hat and jeans. Employee now calling, subjects in sedan became (disturbed) with her and tried to get her to give him free French fries.”

Sunday, 1:10 p.m.: Disturbance on the 300 block of West Sixth Avenue. “Reporting party’s hermit roommate has been acting (disturbed) all day and yelling at the top of his lungs. Has also been beating his dog all day. Unknown if the subject is mentally disturbed or drunk. Neighbor has been asking reporting party and other roommates why the friendly pit bull is whining and the roommate is yelling. Subject is currently in his room yelling off and on. Reporting party thinks he is a danger to himself and the dog.”

Sunday, 8:35 p.m.: Transient problem on the 1200 block of North Cedar Street. “Transient was in his

garage when he came home. Garage was closed and locked. Reporting party reports that her boyfriend is following the subject and that they are at the corner of North Cedar Street and West Sacramento Avenue. He has a basket and bike in front of the house. Reporting party does not think he took anything.”

-compiled by Nicholas Carr