Capitalising on the invincibility of youth

Prin Mayowa

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Young adulthood sneaks up on the youth of America. They may not know it, but upon entering this new age of independence one steps into a parallel universe bent on living another day to tell a new, more exciting story.

That voice in the back of their head goes from sounding like their mother, to sounding more like them. With every crazy action, the feeling of invincibility becomes more apparent.

It’s the reason young kids like fast cars, twisting roads, the sun on their face and wind in their hair.

This is why they stay out until 2 a.m. on a Sunday night, fully intent on bracing themselves with sunglasses and cappuccinos on Monday morning.

And sure, there are the young Donald Trumps who work out, get internships, throw themselves into their work and are considered fully responsible students, friends and well-rounded people.

But with youth, there is barely a difference between the alcoholics and the overworked among us. At this stage in life, selfishness is an undeniable trait.


Illustration by Frances Mansour

The newfound freedom is almost as amazing as the first day of summer vacation.

There is no one to look out for. Life becomes all about spending time thinking about what you want and, if necessary, who you have to take it from. Conquering the world and choosing to make it a little better or worse than how it was found.

Young adulthood also makes one aware of a crossroads that force them to realize what in the world is important, and whether or not they think they should improve or ignore it all together.

By now, I’m sure you young people understand that you are invincible.

This is why most fresh-faced adults are not signing up for healthcare or rushing to the dentist.

But there are young people around the world diligently working to make their youth something they can tell people stories about.

So do something – whether it be volunteering to teach children in developing countries, living in Europe for a few months or road tripping across the U.S.

Because after hitting a certain age, I’m pretty sure the invincibility slowly fades.

Don’twaste your time sweating the small stuff, but don’t kill yourself thinking of ways to make this time of your life epic either.

We can’t all be Superman forever.

Prin Mayowa can be reached at [email protected] or @PrinSupreme on Twitter.

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