Playlist: 10 offbeat electronic tracks

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Playlist: 10 offbeat electronic tracks

The cover of Bassnectar's

The cover of Bassnectar's "Into the Sun."

The cover of Bassnectar's "Into the Sun."

The cover of Bassnectar's "Into the Sun."

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I’m not someone who can explain every niche, off-label brand of electronic music. This playlist is not intended to focus on any specific type of electronic music. It’s just a small collection of fun electronic songs that use many unconventional sounds in a palatable way. Try playing some of these tracks next time you grab the aux cord at a social event.

1. Finesse (Hey Baby)- Flamingosis

This song is always good for getting people moving and bringing some funky vibes to a party.

2. Maelstrom- Khamsin

Have fun repeating and spelling the name of this song when everyone asks about it.

3. Thunderdome- Minnesota & G Jones

This sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but I like it.

4. Windmills Of Your Mind- Polo and Pan remix

This track is great for slowing things down and relaxing with some friends. Got to support the Frenchmen.

5. Zoom Zoom- Polo and Pan

Here’s another great track by Polo and Pan. They’re doing some good stuff over there in France.

6. Canopée- Polo and Pan

Last one from these guys, I promise. Seriously though, I can’t get enough of them.

7. The Mystery Spot- Bassnectar & G Jones

There’s a lot going on in this track, but it’s always a good time.

8. There Are No Penguins In Alaska- Graves & ASKA

This track always gets people fired up—prepare to get rowdy.

9. All This- Point Point

The drop in this song is unique, there’s nothing quite like it.

10. Baby Bash – Suga Suga- Point Point remix

A great remix of a catchy classic, what’s not to like?

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