Satire: Trump and his best buddy Kim


Are you even best friends if you don’t have matching Trump and Kim masks? We think not. Getty Images by Richard Baker.

Reed Mccoy

Does anyone remember how we all made fun of famed basketball player Dennis Rodman when he said Kim Jong-un was his best friend?

Good. Now, recall how our “stable genius” of a president is trying to get closer to one of the world’s worst, yet somehow comical, dictators in order to pacify him (or give him a pacifier, not like it makes a difference).

You might think that diplomacy works itself out. But why would we negotiate with North Korea, whose nukes and chemical weapons, all aimed at Seoul, are under the thumb of a “Rocket Man”? Trump is willing to take the risk just to become closer to him! Trump’s twitter spat with Kim didn’t do himself any favors either. If anything, it highlighted his lack of maturity when it comes to North Korea.

Sure, Trump is one of the first presidents to openly negotiate with Kim. Let’s remember that Kim’s regime is full of people who have everything to lose from peace talks. Even the possible reality of denuclearization (fat chance) threatens them.

Kim, in all his self-invented glory, doesn’t care about peace. He cares about maintaining the status quo of his country. Not that North Korea is exactly a country worth maintaining in its current and starved position anyway. He is the exact same nut job at the helm of a rusty fishing boat armed with one fizzling rocket and a man yelling angrily for attention, as his father was.

Trump, for the love of God, don’t screw this up.

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