Thumpasaurus brings the funk to Lost on Main


Thumpasaurus members in the green room of Lost on Main

Mitchell Kret

Lost on Main was flooded with psychedelic funk Tuesday night, hosting Thumpasaurus, an energetic band from L.A. making their third stop on their “Book of Thump” tour across the U.S.

The show also featured Big Sticky Mess, who filled the venue with a funky ambiance that lasted through the night.

The band members met while attending the University of South California, performing as several bands until becoming Thumpasaurus.

“We were recently in a folk band called The Neighbors,” said Henry Was, the band’s drummer and producer. “We’ve been Thumpasaurus for about 3 years, and have been playing together for about 5. (We decided to be a band) when we saw the way people responded after the first show. Thumpasaurus is a result of all those experiments.”

The band is motivated by the need to stay on their current path. They don’t see any other way.

“We’re just a bunch of crazy motherfuckers that would die without music,” said Henry Solomon, who plays saxophone and flute for the band.

“We just want to see what we can do… We have nothing else,” said Was.

“The stress of waiting tables just isn’t for me; the stage is much more comfortable,” said Lucas “The Tummy” Tamaren, the band’s lead singer and guitarist.

The band talked about some of their future plans in terms of their tour as well as their upcoming dance opera. The show went on until around 10:30 p.m., but the show’s energy carried on through the night.

“It (the dance opera) comes out later this month, on the (Feb) 25,” Was said. “All our tickets and other stuff can be found on We’re touring and doing shows at Electric Forest, Firefly, Peach Fest and Joshua Tree Music Fest. If you follow travolta_of_innocense there is a little puzzle for everyone; it’s a taste of the opera.”

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