Apple and the chamber of overpricing

Getty Images/iStockphoto

The desire for Apple laptops overcomes their actual offering to the public. 3D illustration

Apple is one of those companies that seems to be everywhere, but they are especially apparent in the pit of people’s wallets.

When you pay for an Apple product, you are not paying for a computer, a phone or headphones. You are paying for the privilege of owning a very special (somehow), Apple-certified product.

Everything about Apple these days makes me want to go to their advertising team and ask: “How do you get people to buy this stuff?” Their marketing team is amazing for the simple fact that they can market obviously-overpriced electronics and get away with it.

Apple ads, in my opinion, succeed mainly because they appeal to the newest gimmicky product. A product that makes you special.

Just have a look at Apple’s online store; the newest MacBook is a perfect example. The main feature here seems to be its slim design and resolution. If I wanted a thin laptop, I’d rather have a manila folder with glass on it. The amount of storage is a joke: 256 gigabytes? That’s not sufficient storage for anyone who wants to have their laptop for more than six months.

The laptop is fast, sure, but given all the updates Apple has for the Operating System, it isn’t bound to be fast for long.

The price is also way too high. You could probably build your own computer for less and get far more out of it.

The irony here is that I wrote this on a MacBook.

But hey, I did say Apple was everywhere.

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