An ode to women’s studies

If one wants to seize life by the horns and actually do something
worthwhile, then one should take women’s studies .

To debunk some ridiculous presumptions
right off the bat, no, not all women who take women’s studies are lesbian and
not all men in the program are gay, not that sexuality should even matter. Don’t let the name fool you — women’s studies isn’t about raging
feminists with a desire to burn men at the stake.

What really goes on in these courses, such as Women’s History and Sociology of Sexuality, is social change in
the making.
The problematic economic and political imbalance between men
and women is happening right here and now, and the biggest skill one can take away
from women’s studies is the ability to be aware.

Think you already are? Let me be the reality that slaps you across the
face — you’re not.

Hidden underneath the
terms like “ratchet” and “hoe,” music videos like “Blurred Lines” and even Old
Spice commercials, lies our true societal beliefs that reek of foul oppression
and blistering sexism. It’s the ignorant people who continuously reinforce
them, allowing inequality to sink its roots even deeper and suffocate any breath
of social change.

Does this make them bad
people? No. Ignorant people are simply oblivious to the fact that our patriarchal
society is jerking them around like a puppet, because we’ve been conditioned
not to notice.

In reality, what you don’t know actually
does hurt you, contrary to popular belief, and women’s studies not only shines light on the dark, underlying beliefs in
society, but it teaches people to look past what our culture is
constantly shoving down our throats in order to make some sense of the oppressive underlying
beliefs in which our nation is built upon.

But hey, ignorance is
bliss right?

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