Purge the Binging: It’s not good for you


Credit: Alberta Dental Association

Alcohol is easily the best and worst invention that humanity has come up with. To some people, it induces great feelings for short periods of time and for others, if too much is consumed, bad feelings.

I enjoy alcohol as much as the next person, but I don’t think I should drink it, really. I have a weird thing with alcohol-but it isn’t bad like I drink a lot or something. Instead, I don’t tend to drink super often (seriously, the taste can be really horrible sometimes.) It makes me unlike a lot of people I’ve known who tend to drink too much. They wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol until it was the weekend hours, and then, for the next two or three days (depending on the person,) Chico becomes their own personal keg.

Did you know that this type of drinking is probably the most harmful? It is known as binge drinking, which means someone who consumes enough alcohol to get extremely drunk, but only a few times a month. This is not considered alcohol dependency apparently, but I still think it resembles an addiction. “I only drink to get drunk, and then I only do it on weekends” is what this translates to. This is the equivalent of saying “I only smoke on the weekends” which is ridiculous to say because you are still technically doing something bad for you, just in weekly doses. This isn’t even including the negative health effects, which are far too numerous.

Binge drinking is especially popular among college students, as no doubt many people are already aware of, but it is honestly not the best way to spend time here as I have learned (and as I’m still in the process of learning). Go play video games with your friends, get high off of life, experience the rush of adrenaline without the flow of liquor.

If you really want to drink, by all means, do so, but don’t do it excessively, as if it’s the end of the world. I agree that alcohol sometimes makes social situations more comfortable, and spicy, but it can also heavily impair the memories of the night before. Did you go to college to forget the good times? Or would you rather have someone else recall your potentially embarrassing “good time” for you? It might be funny the first time, but afterward, I doubt it becomes any more amusing. I’ve fortunately never blacked out from drinking, not so much a feat, but an indication that at least I can hold my worst instincts back. The idea of drinking past the point of already being buzzed baffles me. I like to remember my nights, to be honest.

Binge drinking is precisely what many of us do on the weekends. We want to take a break from the craziness of our lives, but not a long break, and I totally understand that. I’ve been tempted to do it too, but have so far resisted.

The important takeaway here is to take things in moderation, enjoy life, but not to the harmful extremes that binge drinking can reach. Drink in moderation and, most importantly, don’t give in to social expectations. You are not a loser if you don’t want to get drunk every weekend. You are someone who knows you can do better than that. Never forget that.

Reed McCoy can be reached at [email protected] or @ReedMcCoy6 on Twitter.