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Sexual assaults still scar campus

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ppallingly, a student was sexually assaulted Thursday. The attack occurred at 10 p.m. near Holt Station, a time or place almost any student could be on campus.It is unbelievable that this event happened in a well-lit area with an Emergency Blue Light within sight.

University Police did a commendable job responding to this incident. Police filed a report and released a statement the next day, notifying the campus community. But in terms of prevention, more could have been done to keep this woman safe.
University Police claim that the safety of Chico State’s students is a top priority, but this incident illustrates a disparity.
This attack happened at a time when dozens of students can be seen on campus — an appropriate time for University Police to be keeping a close eye on student safety.
There’s a larger issue looming behind this attack. This assault is a part of the rape culture that is pervasive on college campuses and in their surrounding communities. Students should know and feel that they are safe walking on campus at any time of the day or night.
This attack brings that safety into question. How effective is the Emergency Blue Light system and other measures in place? Is it time that the University Police found a different way to reduce the occurance of sexual crimes?
These are serious questions but the student body can contribute to finding solutions. A California state auditor is currently reviewing how Chico State prevents and responds to incidents of sexual violence and harassment.
In a campus-wide email, the auditor asked students to participate in a survey. Every student should participate and be honest about the culture here on campus to truly assess our situation.
If sending an email seems like too much work, just think about the women and men affected by sexual violence.

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Sexual assaults still scar campus