Chico State retires party school reputation

Valerie Teegardin

I’m from Vancouver, Wash. and finding people who actually know about Chico State is as rare as seeing sunshine between October and June.

If by some tiny chance a Washingtonian does know about Chico, an, “Oh, the party school!” is blurted out as if it’s the distinguishing characteristic that defines our college.

But it doesn’t, not anymore. Once upon a time, about 27 years ago, Chico State was ranked by Playboy magazine as the number one party school in the nation.

Fast-forward to today. The university didn’t even make it to the top 10 rankings, marking the death of “the party school” as a moniker for modern-day Chico State.

That last nail in the coffin couldn’t have come sooner. Honestly, who wants to be known by employers as a byproduct of an institution known for its raging parties?

I would dub someone certifiably insane if they chose to go to college just for the infamous parties. Why would someone pay all that money just to major in keg stands and beer pong?

That sure as hell will make grandma proud.

Chico State is, without a shred of doubt, a partying school. But is it “the” party school? I don’t believe so.

The banners around campus don’t read “Chico State values vodka.” There isn’t an open bar in the Marketplace Cafe or kegs in lieu of drinking fountains.

Chico State students party, but the exact same thing occurs at every other college from sea to shining sea.

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