Campus Sustainability


Living a sustainable life is something Chico State has continued to advocate for years.

Over the years, Chico State has taken numerous steps forward in making sure the campus stays sustainable.  

The school has replaced all plastic straws on campus with paper straws in order to reduce the use of plastic campus-wide. This small step is just one of the many ways Chico State has become more sustainable. 

The school continues to make it easier for students and faculty to stay green on a daily basis. 

The Student Health Center also currently offers a drop-off area for old or unused medication at the Chico State Pharmacy. This helps make sure medicine bottles are properly recycled and discarded. 

The school has also incorporated a new bike path going through campus. The school is already pedestrian-friendly and the new bike path will provide an even faster mode of transportation. 

These attributions have been a great way for students to go green. Living sustainably is something everyone should strive for. Although it’s not always the easiest, like your paper straw getting soggy and always having to get a new one, it’s worth it in the end.  

Along with these great modifications made on campus, the school also continues to educate its students on sustainability. The Chico State website has multiple links leading students to resources that teach them how to live more sustainably. 

As college students, this may not always be a top priority, but it should be something we are aware of. Learning how to recycle properly and using less plastic throughout the day can make a big impact. 

There are also many ways students can get involved on campus. There are many clubs and groups that focus on making the school more sustainable throughout the year. 

Some of these groups are the Sustainability Club, Associated Students Recycling, and Green Campus, to name a few. 

These clubs promote eco-awareness on campus and in the community. Through education and outreach programs on sustainability-related issues, these organizations offer a supportive and fun social environment where peers can get involved. Students can actively engage in eco-friendly ways to keep Chico State green. 

“Being a part of the sustainability club was a great experience. I got to participate in on-campus activities with my peers while also giving back to my community,” Chico State student and former member of the Sustainability Club Kaitlin Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick stated that the Sustainability Club is a great way to get involved on campus with something she is passionate about.

“Honestly the biggest takeaway or learning moment was realizing how many possibilities and options we truly have to make our campus and our community more environmentally friendly,” Kirkpatrick said. “From little things like establishing a bike path within the campus that indirectly encourages students to bike more and try it out. We were also involved in lots of sustainability conferences and tabling around campus.” 

The school is well known for its sustainability efforts and continues to move toward that goal every day. Everyone on campus has the ability to get involved. Whether it’s switching out a hydro flask for a plastic water bottle or joining a club, there’s no excuse to not live sustainably.