Editorial: Do better Wildcats!


Although we put the wild in Wildcats — please don’t wild out behind the wheel during Spring Break. 

Today decides tomorrow — so let’s make meaningful decisions. Driving under the influence shouldn’t be tolerated. Calling an Uber or having a designated driver is the least you can do. Refusing to allow yourself or your friends to drive under the influence SAVES lives. DON’T EVER drive under the influence. All it takes is one stupid decision to ruin your life or someone elses. 

It only takes one drink, one moment to end a life. Sober enough is not enough to get behind a vehicle and be safe.

Chico State is a proud party school and the drinking culture here is well known, but driving under influence is nothing to celebrate. And yet we know that some students continue to drive under the influence — at an alarming rate. University Police have made 14 DUI arrests since the beginning of the year.

But that’s hardly the worst of it. 

Two of our fellow Wildcats and a community member have recently paid a terrible price for the selfishness of others that were driving under the influence. 

History major Cassi Tejeda was killed near an elementary school in Chico on Jan. 30 by an alleged drunk driver. She was set to graduate this spring. Her partner, Courtney Kendall, was also in the car with her and lost her life. 

In December 2021, Wildcat alumnus Tristian Patricio was celebrating his final semester when an alleged drunk driver struck him outside of Joe’s Bar. Patricio fell into a coma and is currently recovering. 

Just a few days ago, a moped driver was killed after being hit by an alleged drunk driver on Esplanade Street around midnight.   

These tragedies could have been prevented. You can prevent them in the future, Wildcats.

Don’t let this trend continue. We have lost wonderful members of our community because of the reckless actions of selfish individuals under the influence. The community must stand together to end drunk driving. 

Beautiful lives are being destroyed because of drunk driving. Your fellow Wildcats and community members don’t deserve to be put at risk.

We all deserve to live in a community that takes care of its members. We all deserve to feel safe on the roadways and while walking home at night. It’s up to us to make it happen.

Every individual who has lost their lives to drunk driving had a family at home waiting for them. So before you get behind the wheel intoxicated, just remember you do too. 

Enough is enough. Make it stop, Wildcats.