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Elevator troubles require retrofit

Elevator troubles require retrofit

February 26, 2014

Chico State faces a safety issue that is independent of the exuberance of college students that is often a cause for concern. There has been about 25 separate elevator-related issues across campus this semester, which have even worried individuals without personal fears. These occurrences vary from ...

Sell to preserve nature reserve

February 18, 2014

An unfortunate accident occurred last October at The Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve, a wildlife preserve spanning nearly 4,000 acres. Nearly a dozen people were injured when the deck they were standing on collapsed. All of the injured people have since been released from the hospital, but the...

University ignores students’ voices

February 12, 2014

It is said that change starts with one person, but that rarely seems to be the case. This semester, students in a geography class are working toward change on campus. Students in the Environmental Thought in Action course are currently trying to get a new advisory measure on the Associated Students...

Sexual assaults still scar campus

February 4, 2014

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ppallingly, a student was sexually assaulted Thursday. The attack occurred at 10 p.m. near Holt Station, a time or place almost any student could be on campus.It is unbelievable that this event happened in a well-lit area with an Emergency Blue Light within sight. University Police...

Graduate gridlock unfair to families

January 29, 2014

Graduation — some students dread it and others can’t wait. However, there are some who are even more excited about it than the soon-to-be graduates: their friends and family. Unfortunately, fewer friends and family members will be able to attend this spring’s commencement. During previous...

Landlords should not babysit boozers

January 22, 2014

Underage drinking has always been a hotly discussed issue for colleges and their surrounding communities, and Chico is no exception. If anything could be said of Chico’s reputation on this topic, whether earned or not, it would likely not be positive. With that in mind, another solution has been...

Bike lights are a misstep in the right direction

Bike lights are a misstep in the right direction

December 18, 2013

Come Jan. 1 some cyclists who break the law by not having a bike light will be given a free pass. A partnership between Chico Velo Foundation, a nonprofit organization, and the Chico Police Department may be giving violators a free bike light in addition to the $100 to $150 fix-it ticket. While...

Cost of parking forgiveness is unforgivably misguided

Cost of parking forgiveness is unforgivably misguided

December 10, 2013

The Chico City Council’s recent decision to forego thousands of dollars in parking meter fees is outrageous given the amount of debt the city currently faces. As seen in our news section, the city has been struck with the Christmas spirit once again this year. They’ve decided to risk collecting about...

Chico State must remain transparent in state audit

Chico State must remain transparent in state audit

December 3, 2013

Chico State is one of two schools in the California State University system that will be audited on its handling of sexual harassment and sexual violence incidents on and around campus. The audit was prompted by a federal complaint that UC Berkeley was handling sexual and violent crime investigations...

Common-sense fixes could prevent more bike deaths

Common-sense fixes could prevent more bike deaths

November 19, 2013

Two college students, Kristina Chesterman and Janee Nickerson died after being struck by drivers at night. Chesterman, a Chico State nursing student, was hit while riding her bicycle by a drunk driver on Sept. 22. She died after two days in urgent care. Nickerson, a Butte College student who was ac...

University should examine disparity in lecturer salary

November 12, 2013

A report by Chico State’s faculty union chapter is calling on the university to think twice about how it pays its lecturers. The report, which was presented at an Academic Senate meeting Oct. 31, points out that Chico State has more lecturers than other California State University campuses in the...

Chico State online classes need to put Wildcats first

Chico State online classes need to put Wildcats first

November 5, 2013

The Chico State Online Concurrent Enrollment program is experiencing a serious problem that needs to be combated immediately. This program of online classes, which were offered to students from other California State University campuses, were supposed to relieve overcrowding in general education classes...

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