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Inside the life of an athlete

Photo credit: Nick Martinez-Esquibel
March 8, 2017

Nothing makes an athlete happier than playing the sport they love, whether it is preparing for the upcoming season with offseason workouts or stepping out onto the field or court to open the season. There's...

Men’s basketball team holds promise this season

December 11, 2016

The Chico State men's basketball team is sacrificing its winter break to defend its home court. The team currently holds a 7-2 overall record and is 1-1 in its conference. The Wildcats' two losses came...

Women’s basketball needs momentum win

December 8, 2016

The Chico State women's basketball team has struggled to find a win in its conference, with a 0-2 record.Despite the successful scoring nights of several players on the Wildcats roster, the team has fallen...

Referees reign over games

December 8, 2016

Since the 2012 NFL lockout, the officiating staff of sports has continued to expand the black spot on its once pristine record.It's not only football, and it's certainly not limited to the professional...

Full Disclosure: Men’s basketball team returns strong

Sophomore guard Nate Ambrosini shoots in the paint during a scrimmage on the Wildcats home court. Photo credit: Jordan Jarrell
November 7, 2016

Despite the lack of veteran players, the men’s basketball team went 22-7 and made it to the California Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament and NCAA Tournament last season. The team tacked on...

Full Disclosure: Women’s basketball look towards leaders for success

October 31, 2016

A heartbreaking six-game losing streak finished off the Chico State women's basketball team last year and left them with a 5-15 conference record. The team tied for last place in its conference and...

Full Disclosure: Student-athletes getting paid

October 25, 2016

The only difference between college athletes and high school athletes is the workload. Although the collegiate level is more competitive, with only 7.8 percent of all athletes able to compete, the players...

NCAA foggy on concussion policies

First-year goalkeeper Caylin Stanley is brought to the ground after attempting to clear the goal. Photo credit: Makayla Hopkins
October 13, 2016

Editor’s note: Full Disclosure is a weekly analysis of athletics concerning programs at Chico State. Concussions aren't limited to football, and they don't usually stop at one. Athletes are 41...

Full Disclosure: Cross Country

Junior Falco DiGiallonardo leads the men's cross country practice as they prepare for their upcoming tournament. Photo credit: Jordan Jarrell
October 6, 2016

Editor's note: Full Disclosure is a weekly analysis of the athletic program at Chico State. The Chico State cross country team has continued to dominate their league this season and rank number one...

Women’s Golf still unsteady

Nick Green watches his golfer during a 'Cats practice. Photo Courtesy of Nick Green
October 3, 2016

The women's golf team has gotten off to a shaky start this season, with a third and seventh place finish in the first two tournaments of the year. The team is lead by senior Abbey McGrew who has two...

Men’s golf team picking up the slack

The Chico State men's golf team opens up their season at the Saint Martin's Invitational. Photo Courtesy of TL Brown.
October 2, 2016

The Chico State men's golf team has succeeded early in their season, with a first and a second place finish in their first two invitationals. The success the 'Cats have enjoyed comes in spite of recently...

Volleyball team finds success early

The Chico State women's volleyball team prepares for a serve during their home game. Photo credit: Jordan Jarrell
September 29, 2016

The Chico State women's volleyball team opened up their season with an impressive 6-3 record and has expanded upon it by going 2-0 in the CCAA. The 'Cats owe their success primarily to the lethal combination...

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