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The song by Queen Dont Stop Me Now is used to high effect in this fight scene in Shaun of the Dead. Image from IMDB.

Playlist: 10 Best Songs used in Action Movies

Natalie Hanson and Ulises Duenas // October 15, 2018

The right song, combined with the right scene in an action movie, can turn any moment into a classic. Whether by pure skill or a keen sense of sound with scene, there's a reason why some songs are difficult...

Hes gonna shoot something. The Predator is in theaters now. Photo credit:

‘The Predator’ gets it all wrong

Ulises Duenas // September 18, 2018

Making a good "Predator" movie shouldn't be difficult. Just have an alien monster chase a bunch of military dudes around until the coolest one is left alive. "The Predator" feels like three different movie...

Birth of the Dragon was a birth of disaster

“Birth of the Dragon” was a birth of disaster

Ulises Duenas // August 29, 2017

I went into "Birth of the Dragon" expecting to see a fictional Bruce Lee beat up some fictional bad guys. This movie did technically deliver on that promise, but after a while, I realized I was duped....

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