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American Horror Story 1984 promotional poster. Photo courtesy FX.

‘American Horror Story’ is back in classic 80s horror fashion

Danielle Kessler // October 1, 2019

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for “American Horror Story: 1984”“American Horror Story” premiered its ninth season “1984” and there is a lot to discuss....

In the new season of American Horror Story, society is separated into two factions underground. FX Photo.

‘American Horror Story’ barely meets expectations

Alex Coba // September 14, 2018

The bombs have fallen, the world is riddled with nuclear fallout, the elite and fortunate have gone underground and somehow ghosts and witches get involved - eventually. “American Horror Story”...

Check out the new season of American Horror Story on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Photo courtesy of FX.

‘American Horror Story’ checks back in with ‘Hotel’

Erin Vierra // October 2, 2015

Who would have thought a horror anthology show created by the same man who brought us "Glee" would become a cult hit? With the fifth season premiering Oct. 7, it is clear that Ryan Murphy's "American Horror...

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