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Chico State’s No. 1 women’s rugby team eyes championship dreams in round of 16

Darby McFall looking to make a pass in a home match against UC Davis. Photo Courtesy: John Cort

Noah Enns

April 20, 2018

The No. 1 Chico State women's rugby club is heading to Stanford this weekend to take part in the Spring Championship Round of 16. The club takes on UC Santa Barbara at 3 p.m. Saturday."I think we had an idea we were going to have a pretty good season, but we definitely try to stay humble and hungry," said fullback Darby McFall. "We definitely know...

Women’s Rugby team surpasses Division II

During a game opener, the women's rugby team battles for the ball. Photo credit: Makayla Hopkins

Cydney Nance

November 6, 2016

While rugby is still a fairly unknown sport it is the only Division I sport that is affiliated with Chico State.Rugby has not been an Olympic sport since 1924, but because of its recent induction into the 2016 Olympics, it has put the sport on the map.The Chico State team begins its season in Januar...

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