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Self-care is important; stress free phone apps

Self-care is important; stress free phone apps

Rayanne Painter

September 18, 2018

Think about what makes you most happy after a long and stressful week. It could be a hot cup of tea paired with your favorite TV show, a day hike with friends or something as simple as reading a book. The possibilities are endless.These aspects of relaxation and “me-time” are often referred ...

Pokémon GO tracking the tracker

Pokémon GO tracking the tracker

Thomas Staaden

August 21, 2016

A vast crowd comes over the distant plane to an empty parking lot. They gather around a formerly poorly lit parking lot, now bright with the light of hundreds of phones in the search for a rare Pokémon. It may seem like a slight stretch to assume that so many would gather for one Pokémon (d...

Chico State students replace cash with Venmo

Chico State students replace cash with Venmo

Christine Zuniga

March 9, 2016

As with physical mail, phonebooks and maps, cash seems to be outdated, thanks to electronic transfer technologies, including the popular Venmo app. Venmo is a service of PayPal, the powerful alternative to checks and money orders, which had 4.9 billion payments via mobile devices in 2015. While PayPal is used on ...

New app proves party reputation with pictures

Veronica De La Cruz

April 30, 2014

Many college students have experienced drunken nights when they do something embarrassing and wouldn't want anyone to capture that moment.Faded, an app created by JumpCam, allows students who attend Chico State or the University of Arizona to post pictures or videos of themselves or other individual...

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