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The life, times of a reckless biker

Alyssa Dunning

October 15, 2014

Fast like the wind, cool breeze in my face,Nothing is better than biking place to place.It is the best to feel so coolWhen riding my bike to school.I never cross to the correct side of the street,Not when there's the clock to be beat.It is fun to play chicken, like in "Footloose,"With people going t...

Bike safety class offered instead of tickets

Robyn Hearne, University Police chief. Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

Yessenia Funes

February 19, 2014

Students ride their bikes and boards through campus all the time. Within a few weeks, students caught breaking the rules can skip the court date. University Police will offer an alternative: a $60 bike-safety course through Blackboard, said University Police Chief Robyn Hearne. Students will save about $100. Throughout the past few semesters, students have asked officers for information, but fin...

University Police adopts bike light program

Stephanie Kraker, age 20, a junior hospitality major, rides her bike home at night.Photo credit: Frances Mansour

Yessenia Funes

January 26, 2014

Starting this week, University Police officers may choose to provide free bike lights instead of citations for unlit cycling. With the loss of Chico State nursing student Kristina Chesterman and Butte College student Janee Nickerson, both from bicycle accidents last semester, bike safety has become a maj...

Nurse starts bike light program after two student deaths

A painted white bike is propped where Kristina Chesterman was struck on the 300 block of Nord Avenue. Chesterman died at Enloe Medical Center after two days in critical condition. Photograph by Carter Caldwell. Photo credit: Carter Caldwell

Benjamin Mullin

December 17, 2013

As a registered nurse with 20 years of experience, Katie Boerner has seen many people injured in bicycle collisions. And she's had a few close calls herself when reckless motorists nearly sideswiped her while driving down Chico's streets.But this semester, after two college cyclists died in bicycle collisions, Boer...

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