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Male contraceptives coming soon

Male contraceptives coming soon

Nicole Henson

January 27, 2017

Daily use of birth control is the norm for many women’s lives. Although pregnancy prevention falls on both genders, women have always had more options for birth control, while men are reliant on condoms and the notorious pullout method.Vasectomies have always been a reliable option for men, but many males worry about wanting kids later on in life. With no...

Pharmacies stall implementation of birth control law

Pharmacies stall implementation of birth control law

Amelia Storm

April 14, 2016

A California law passed in 2013 has determined that residents can now acquire birth control directly from a pharmacist without a prescription. The law was supposed to go into effect April 8, but has hit some delay, with many pharmacies slow to accept the change in policy. “It sucks, but it doesn...

Babysitting is the best form of birth control

Babysitting is the best form of birth control

Elizabeth Ernster

September 6, 2015

“Mind your manners and make sure to listen while we are gone,” says every parent ever leaving their child with a babysitter. Children always smile back and say the sweet words they know will make their parents' hearts jump. The second they hear that door click shut they are off the hook and wreaki...

Men, imagine the burden of birth control

Megan Mann

October 31, 2014

"Johnathan Monroe? Dr. Gordon will see you now," a nurse announced. He stood up, palms sweating as he followed the nurse into one of the offices. This was his first visit to the gynecologist. His girlfriend was tired of using condoms all the time and wanted him to start taking birth control. He was a li...

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