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‘Operation Absolute Zero’ adds good and bad to ‘Black Ops’

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Ulises Duenas

December 22, 2018

Note: This review reflects solely on the new content added to the original "Black Ops 4" game.Treyarc has taken a page out of Ubisoft's book by making the first batch of DLC for "Black Ops 4" feel like a new season in the game's life cycle. "Operation Absolute Zero" adds a new controversial character as wel...

‘Black Ops’ revitalizes ‘Call of Duty’ once again

A firefight in a cabin, why not?
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Ulises Duenas

October 16, 2018

The "Black Ops" games have been the crown jewel of the "Call of Duty" series since the first one in 2010. "Black Ops 4" is no different. Smart changes and new game modes make this game a very enticing package.Most of the hype around this game has been about the new blackout mode, Call of Duty's (COD) version of b...

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