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‘Fat’ is used as an insult, but it’s just my body

My body isn’t a cation sign; you’re not going to slip into the heart of my struggles by just acknowledging me as I am. Photo credit: Melissa Joseph

Rayanne Painter

September 11, 2019

I’ve been here a thousand times: A thin person, most of the time my friend or family member, stands in the mirror in front of them. They twist their face in disgust while they look at their body: “Why am I so fat?” Accompanied by “I look disgusting,” or something similar.One look at m...

Souls sheltered in substandard bodies

Illustration by Katherine Kurz Photo credit: Katherine Kurz

Elizabeth Ernster

September 20, 2015

My high school cheer team was made up of a group of pretty girls that seemed to do their sport well. But whenever someone was referring to one of the girls who just happened to be bigger than the rest, she was always identified as the "fat cheerleader." It would always be thrown into the conversation so casually,...

Mixed messages from Meghan Trainor

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Allison Galbreath

May 10, 2015

I love body-positive messages, those messages that promote loving one’s body at any size. But there’s honestly a lack of them. At least, a lack of true “body-positive" messages. Especially in music. What concerns me is that some messages appear to be “body positive” but actually are not a...

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