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Podcast: The Raiders are not a good football team

Andrew Baumgartner and Ricardo Tovar

November 2, 2018

Another episode of the Wildcat Rumble is here. Andrew and Ricardo are back and as usual the NFL is a key talking point as the duo selects their games of the week. With the conclusion of the World Series, we say goodbye to baseball, but look forward to the off-season. Be sure to listen t...

Baseball brawls keep rivalries alive

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge attempts to pull pitcher Joe Kelly out of the crowd. 
Photo credit: Maddie Meyer Photo courtesy: Getty Images

Austin Schreiber

April 28, 2018

The 2018 Major League Baseball season has been off to an exciting start, with plenty of entertaining things happening in the month of April. For example, just a couple weeks ago two major brawls broke out between division rivals.While fighting is a common occurrence in the NHL, it usually doesn’t happen to...

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